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  • Sticky Sublimation Paper Sheets - Kilante Ink
  • Sticky Sublimation Paper Sheets - Kilante Ink
  • Sticky Sublimation Paper Sheets - Kilante Ink
  • Sticky Sublimation Paper Sheets - Kilante Ink
  • Sticky Sublimation Paper Sheets - Kilante Ink
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Kilante Ink

Sticky/Tacky Sublimation Paper Sheets

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What is Tacky Sublimation Paper?

          Our sticky sublimation paper has a light adhesive coating that is activated upon heating. During the transfer process the paper sticks to the material, and ghosting is significantly minimized. This eliminates adhesive sprays.

 The top three types of dye sublimation paper are: regular, sticky or tacky, and fast dry. Kilante Ink sublimation paper embodies all three.  That’s right our paper is fast drying, and if you choose tacky, it tacks on to fabrics while pressing and last but certainly not least we have over 98% transfer rate meaning almost no ink left behind.

 Currently, we offer 4 sizes for your convenience

  • 8.5  x 11
  • 8.5  x 14
  • 11 x 17
  • 13 x 19

 Why Use Kilante Sublimation Paper? 

  • If you have had an issue with ghosting when transferring, our tacky paper is your solution. The paper will adhere to the material and the transfer is completed without the paper sliding or moving. When using stretch and elastic fabrics tacky paper is your best friend.
  • Our paper makes the transfer process smoother and makes your product better. Using the paper helps to reduce repositioning when lifting and can be used on different fabrics. Our regular paper can be used on hard substrates, however, if ghosting is your worry on fabrics, we’d suggest our tacky paper to ease the risk. 
  • Your customers depend on a quality product, and sublimation paper helps you to deliver just that. Ask yourself, have you wasted fabric due to images not transferring correctly? Has the paper lifted or shifted while pressing? Is the fabric stretchy or will it shift easily? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, look no more, order our tacky sublimation paper and put your worries at ease.
  • Our sublimation paper is manufactured and compatible with all Epson printers and works best when used with Kilante Sublimation Ink

Each Pack includes 100 Sheets, excluding sample packs.

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